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Divorce impacts every aspect of our clients’ lives, finances, families and friendships. At Fields and Dennis, we work closely with each client to understand his or her unique situation, grounds for divorce, the most effective ways to address uncooperative spouses, and how to find resolutions that protect their long-term interests.

  • Property division – Whether your marital estate is modest or vast, at Fields and Dennis, you can count on our experience to handle the financial aspects of your divorce with the greatest of care.
  • Child Custody – The primary determinant in all child custody decisions is what is in the best interest of the child. We work hard to ensure our clients’ children are protected throughout a divorce or legal separation.
  • Child Support and Alimony – At Fields and Dennis, our experienced attorneys, often in collaboration with financial experts, can help you achieve the most sensible financial result.
  • Business valuations – Our business experience allows us to effectively handle divorces involving closely held or family owned businesses. We can determine what, if any, of the business is part of the marital estate and work to protect our client’s interest in the business throughout divorce proceeding.

The Divorce Process in Massachusetts -Read more about the steps taken in a typical divorce process in Massachusetts and about Massachusetts divorce laws, as well as what to expect throughout the divorce.

Our MA divorce lawyers have broad legal experience handling family and business law matters enables us to effectively handle the most complex divorce matters. We are committed to serving the interests of our clients as they begin the process of moving forward with their lives.  Alternately, we can discuss annulment.

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Greenberg v. Greenberg
Grubert v. Grubert
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Lalchandani v. Roddy
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Alimony (Self-Executing Formulas)
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Wooters v. Wooters (1997)
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Alimony Reform
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Child Support Guidelines
Child Support Guidelines 2017
Report of Task Force (Jonathan Fields was Member)

Child Support
Canning v. Juskalian
Croak v. Bergeron
Crowe v. Fong
Dept of Revenue v. Mason M
Fehrm-Cappuccino v. Cappuccino
Hoegen v. Hoegen
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L.W.K. v. E.R.C.
Martin v. Martin
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Child Support (Business Owners)
J.S. v. C.C.
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Child Support (High Income)
Brooks v. Piela
Cooper v. Cooper
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Child Support (Post-Minority)
Barnes v. Devlin
Eccleston v. Bankosky
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Child Support (Retroactivity)
Boulter-Hedley v. Boulter
Calabria v. Calabria
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T.M. v. L.H.

Property Division
Caffyn v. Caffyn
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Property Division (Date of Division)
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