Online Consultations & Mediations

Working Through Divorce with Online Divorce Mediation

Fields and Dennis LLP is offering confidential online consultations through video conference. We also are offering online mediations. Call us at 781-489-6776 to schedule your consultation or online mediation.

Online divorce mediation is an easy and safe way to keep your divorce negotiations on track during the coronavirus lockdown period and while social distancing protocols are in place. Divorce can be difficult but even if you are not a regular user of technology, we are making online divorce and mediation convenient and accessible for all our clients. Most online mediation can be easily done by simply clicking on a link that takes you to an online mediation room where you can chat in complete discretion with the other party and the mediator. Everything done online is completely private. We take your privacy very seriously and have put in place all the necessary protocols to ensure your information is completely secure online.

Many of your divorce negotiations, financial, legal and child-related will still need attention during the Covid-19 crisis period. Some existing plans may require a complete reevaluation. Mediation may have already been a part of your divorce, or you may want to enter into online meditation to help you get your co-parenting or divorce negotiations back on track.

Online mediation is a peaceful, solutions-focused process in which you, your divorce partner and a third party neutral mediator help you resolve any issues in your divorce, from asset division to creating a parenting plan, to child custody negotiations. The benefit of online divorce mediation during the coronavirus lockdowns is that it can triage the unforeseen disruption to divorce plans, using creative solutions that you and your divorcing spouse can direct. Online divorce mediation can take place in the interval before court schedules resume as normal. 

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