Covid 19 / Coronavirus Divorce Mediation & Estate Planning Resource Page

 Coronavirus Divorce Mediation & Estate Planning Resource Page

At Fields and Dennis LLP, we are up to date on all of your legal needs. We have been following closely all of the developments in family law and estate planning during the pandemic. We know that COVID-19 / Coronavirus has had a major effect on our clients lives and family law matters.

We strive as attorneys to make sure that all of our clients are informed and our goal is for all of their divorce and family law matters to move forward and that their estate plans are kept up to date.

If you have questions or concerns about existing matters and or new divorce or estate planning matters, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have compiled videos, blogs, and external resources to help you understand and navigate through all of these issues.

Please Check Out Our Videos

Please Check Out Our Blogs about COVID-19 / Divorce

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We can address all of these issues with Video Conferencing.

We are offering online video conferencing as a way to communicate and keep your divorce or family matter on track. Videoconferencing is a way to mitigate the risks while these new social distancing regulations are in place.

Our online divorce mediation services are easy and secure. We can meet with you in a secure conference room online. This is easy, secure and we can discuss all of your family law issues. Learn more about our Online Divorce Mediation services.

Don’t forget Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning attorneys are working diligently for existing clients and meeting with new clients via video conference.  Be sure to check to check out our Fledgling Estate Plan for Millennials.

Even during this family law pandemic we are hard at work, keeping up to date on the minute with all of the new developments in family law. (Please note we are following the state of Massachusetts’ directive about social distancing.) Together we can get through this crisis. If you have questions about your estate plan or your personal situation has been impacted during the crisis and you need to start the divorce process now, we are here for you.

We wish you and your family the best health and safety during this pandemic. Call us at 781-489-6776 to schedule your consultation or online mediation. Please contact us today and don’t hesitate to reach out.