Attorneys Sheryl Dennis and Hugh Ferguson quoted in Newsweek

Attorneys Sheryl Dennis and Hugh Ferguson were quoted in Newsweek on the family dynamics behind a viral Reddit post where a father refused to let his children eat his wife’s dangerous dinner.

‘More going on here than the cooking of chicken’

Family attorney Sheryl Dennis, who is a parent coordinator at Fields & Dennis law practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and Hugh Ferguson, a licensed mental health counselor and family law attorney at Fields & Dennis, told Newsweek: “There is much more going on here than the cooking of chicken.”

If the husband was in a therapy session, the questions asked would have included “Why didn’t he simply put the chicken in the microwave for a minute or so if he thought it was not completely cooked? Why did he have to make a completely new dinner?” they said.

“It appears he was very invested in the wife admitting she had not properly prepared the dinner with his comment to her to ‘stop thinking she was right’ and the underlying ‘noise’ in this relationship is palpable.

“We could go on with other issues that are evident such as dinner on the table when he arrived home, cutting the food for a 4 and 7-year-old, the wife working, taking care of the house, kids and chores—these all are indicative of underlying issues.”